This is SMARTments student







Living space for students and trainees

SMARTments student stands for furnished micro-apartments in which young people find a home during their studies or training - at fair conditions, with modern equipment and a vibrant community! So far, there are 22 residential buildings for students and trainees in 15 university cities in Germany and Austria.

Almost 50 years of agglomerated experience and exclusively non-profit purposes

In 2012, we responded to the growing demand for affordable housing for young people with setting up the SMARTments student brand. Centrally located, with good public transport connections, the residences named after personalities from German-Jewish history by the Moses Mendelssohn Foundation are being developed ever since. They are administered by the FDS, a charitable foundation, which emerged from a student initiative to build and operate halls of residence in the city of Erlangen in 1971 and has no intention of generating a profit. Where cities and municipalities provide funds for student housing, publicly subsidised student residences are developed in addition to privately financed SMARTments student properties, which can be offered at significantly lower rents.

More than just “a home away from home“:  Events, Project funding, Community

Neighbourly exchange and commitment to the community are important values that the foundations behind SMARTments student are committed to. The "SMARTies Programme", launched in 2018 with a generous grant, offer all residents the opportunity to apply for project-related support for self-organised group activities. Many SMARTment student locations also offer event programmes that focus on exploring the city and its cultural life as well as providing insights into current topics, debates and working environments. The volunteer tutoring teams of 2-3 residents, which are supported by the FDS charitable foundation, also act as community managers and trusted persons for the house community.