Your neighbours

[smaː | ti]

Resident of a SMARTments student. During the day, they will be found in the university lecture hall or attending a training course. In the evenings,  SMARTis* will happily swot away at their desk or relax with their friends.
*Editor’s note: The name SMARTi was devised by the SMARTment community in Darmstadt. Many thanks!


Apartments with brains


Now that you’ve passed the exams and enrolled at university, your student life can begin. We have just the right apartment for you close to the university.


Beginning training or an internship? - We make your start in new surroundings really easy.

Your social network


It is always amazing how quickly residents become friends.


Our residents come from a wide range of countries both near and far, so you have some fascinating conversations ahead.


Moving to a new city, forms to fill in and untold questions to ask. Our tutors know their way around and will be glad to help you.

Study group

Exams coming up soon? Why not join a study group? After all, a problem shared is a problem halved.

Moving in

Get your bags ready – you’re just five steps away from your own key!


Frequently questions

You can find information about the most common questions about our Smartments here.


Apartment request

If you’d like an apartment, apply right here (the early bird catches the worm).