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FDS, a charitable foundation, is a professional manager of student apartments, introducing it's long term experience to the SMARTments brand family. FDS traces back to a society founded 1971 in the city of Erlangen, the ‘Verein Fördererkreis Deutscher Studenten e.V.’ (German Students’ Sponsorship Association). The statute of the Association, apart from stipulating its general purpose of ‘supporting students at German universities and colleges’ expressly targeted the construction and the operation of student homes on a charitable basis.


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entrepreneurial activity means assuming social responsibility. GBI AG operates under the umbrella of the Moses Mendelssohn Foundation. The Foundation, anchored in the tradition of the ‘Moses Mendelssohn Foundation for the Promotion of Humane Sciences’ founded in 1929, sponsors training, education, science and research in the area of European-Jewish history and culture. In addition, it will become active as operator and investor for charitable construction projects serving German-Jewish understanding. The Moses Mendelssohn Medal has been awarded annually since 1993.


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SMARTments is a brand of GBI AG. The company based in Erlangen, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt und Kassel has become one of Germany’s leading developers. GBI AG perform developments in all phases – from land acquisition, planning & design via the construction phase right up to the turnkey-handover to investors and operators. Previous developments embrace 35 hotels, serviced apartments and student residences with an investment volume of EUR ca. 1 billion.

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